Arcola Energy is an engineering services business with particular expertise in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and their integration with renewable generation and energy storage technologies. We are system integrators, advising on the optimum choice and mix of technology for applications, designing and engineering complete systems and building sophisticated control systems.

Hydrogen fuel cells are highly efficient, quiet, with zero emissions at the point of use and in many applications offer greater energy density by volume or weight than even the most advanced batteries. As they can be powered by hydrogen derived from renewable energy the power provided can be truly zero carbon. As a result we are confident that fuel cells powered by hydrogen will have an important role in future energy systems, often in combination with other technologies such as solar PV or batteries.

For businesses wanting to explore these technologies for their sectors we offer advice, system design, rapid prototyping and product development to help assess the business case and technical feasibility of solutions to energy challenges. Learn more about our engineering services.

For universities and research organisations we offer equipment for research, teaching and training expertise in key areas to accelerate your research. We have experience working in partnership and in collaborative projects with leading UK Universities including Imperial College London, UCL, Birmingham University, Warwick Manufacturing Group and STFC. Learn more about our R&D products and services.

To support the uptake of new energy technologies and to inspire the next generation of engineers, our unique education workshops and challenges offer powerful ways to communicate to young people. Our education programme is an exciting resource for schools, STEM educators and technology projects alike, and a powerful marketing tool for businesses in the hydrogen and fuel cell sector. Learn more about our education programmes.