The BOC Hymera™ unit is a robust unit for providing clean power at construction sites. Arcola Energy used the Hymera to power path lighting during construction at the Olympic park. 

The Hymera DC is particularly suitable for environmental monitoring applications where long unattended runtimes are required in off‐grid locations. Severn Trent Water installed 18Hymeras along the length of the Elan Valley pipeline between Powys, Wales and the Midlands. The monitoring equipment runs for up to 2 months between replacements of cylinders, which in these remote locations reduces operating costs considerably compared with the frequent visits required by alternative solutions.

Hymera DC's inbuilt battery‐charge circuitry allows hybridisation with a battery for efficient use with low‐loads, whereby the fuel cell typically runs for 12‐18 hours per week to recharge the battery which in turn supplies power to the connected device. This improves efficiency by reducing balance‐of‐plant load while the Hymera is in low power 'sleep' mode. The Hymera includes automatic cold‐start or sub‐zero capability allowing year‐round operation in temperate climates.

AuthorBen Todd
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