A growing team, currently 18-strong, with expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering, software development and control systems. In-house specialism in understanding and interpreting regulations, codes and standards, alongside education programme development and delivery.   

Dr Ben Todd Photo copyright Olivia Harris

Dr Ben Todd
Photo copyright Olivia Harris

Dr Ben Todd, Managing Director. Ben has an Engineering PhD from Cambridge, working on the Rolls Royce solid oxide fuel cell. He founded Arcola Energy  with the aim of bridging the gap between new technologies being developed and then being used in the real world. He has a deep knowledge of the fuel cell industry and technology having worked in the sector for nearly 2 decades. 

Dr. Richard Kemp-Harper, Head of Innovation. Richard has experience in development and implementation of innovation strategies at national and sector levels, including leading the UK funding programmes for hydrogen and fuel cells for InnovateUK. He brings knowledge and connections in both transport and energy sectors and leads on business and partnership development across all areas of our work.

Simon Mylius, Head of Engineering. Simon is a Chartered Engineer with over 5 years’ experience of developing fuel cell systems, carrying out systems integration and in-depth user training and support with Arcola Energy. Simon runs our team of electronics, software and mechanical engineers and is responsible for our technology development roadmap. In his spare time he is a partner in Feeding The Fish implementing LED technology for stage shows: credits include the show formerly known as Top Gear Live.

Feimatta Conteh, Technology Programme Manager. Feimatta is responsible for managing the funded project portfolio at Arcola.  Feimatta has extensive experience of partnership building and managing a portfolio of multi-partner, innovative technology development projects including in-depth financial management and reporting. Previously a Sustainability Officer at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Feimatta also leads on sustainability programmes at Arcola Energy and Arcola Theatre, presenting internationally on our award-winning achievements.


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