Inspiring the next Technology Generation

Arcola Energy Education demonstrates the science behind renewable energy in a fun and tangible way, exploring the workings of a low carbon economy on a miniature scale.

Since 2012, Arcola Energy have engaged with over 15,000 young people in locations ranging from Abu Dhabi and Aberdeen to London and the Isle of Wight. Our workshops and resources are developed and delivered by STEM professionals, offering a real life insight into STEM careers.

Arcola Energy offer a unique brand of science communication. Through our work with Creative Engagement at Arcola Theatre, our facilitators train with experts in working with young people in a variety of settings.

Our workshops are an exciting combinations of engineering, renewable energy and basic coding. For ages 9-16 the Hydrogen Car Challenge is a hands-on "design, build, race" team exercise. For ages 8-12 the Hydrogen Arial Balloonography workshop is designed to inspire the next generation of engineers to use practical maths and science skills.

Our Schools Hydrogen Challenges offer our Hydrogen Car Challenge Workshop to schools across an entire city or region.

For further information about Arcola Energy Education, contact us on 0207 503 1386 / [email protected]

I enjoyed this workshop. It taught me the meaning of global warming in detail, making it clear for me how I could help reduce carbon emissions and how to slow down global warming
— Eden, Year 9
It is vital that London school pupils gain hands on experience of the latest technologies and the science involved, if they are to become the innovators of tomorrow creating future growth and jobs in London through their entrepreneurial minds.
— Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor for Business and Enterprise