Arcola Energy is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, working with  our clients, partners and suppliers to deliver cleaner and more efficient energy systems.

We provide exceptional engineering and system integration services to help teams deliver the next step in highly efficient, lower emission and cost conscious energy solutions.

For technology businesses, we offer product design, development and deployment,  rapid prototyping and system integration to enable fast and cost-effective exploration of new markets. We source, integrate and deploy fuel cell and hydrogen products from most of the world's leading fuel cell and hydrogen system suppliers.

We work in partnership with leading universities, providing research equipment, supporting the spin out of new technologies and companies, training and equipping students and staff and continually developing our own capabilities from world leading  research.

For cities, sector leaders and influencers we design and deliver highly effective public engagement, STEM education programmes and staff training to influence and engage current and future generations with exciting new technologies.