BOC, part of the Linde group, have developed the HYMERA™ II portable fuel cell generator for clean and quiet off-grid power. The combination of the HYMERA™ and the new lightweight GENIE® cylinder is particularly suited to today’s new low-power electrical devices such as LED lighting and security cameras. Environmental monitoring and off-grid power for construction sites are also widely used applications.

Arcola Energy has worked in partnership with BOC to enable the integration of HYMERA systems into a number of end use applications and hybridisation with a variety of power generating sources including mains supply, batteries, solar panels and wind turbines.

We also provide remote monitoring services to support the deployment of HYMERA systems, including pressure monitoring so hydrogen refills can be scheduled for when they are actually needed.

BOC have also contracted us for product development, design and rapid prototyping of future fuel cell products.


AuthorBen Todd