We have extensive experience of delivering clean, efficient, quiet and resilient power for equipment and sites where grid connection is not possible or desirable.

If you are wondering how diesel generators can be replaced, or how to provide resilient power to security cameras or monitoring equipment, we can help.

We can advise, design and deploy systems that make the most of solar PV, batteries and fuel cells to provide clean and resilient power systems at a cost that can be lower than running an inefficient generator.

Often to get the benefits of these technologies their deployment needs to go hand in hand with energy efficiency measures and staff training. Alongside deploying systems we can offer advice on approaches and products that will maximise your savings, even installing them too. And our engaging training will help you introduce these technologies into your teams to ensure that the change is smooth.

We also provide comprehensive asset monitoring to minimise site visits and ensure reliability. If you like we can wrap all of this up in a complete energy-as-a-service model to make the switch as easy as possible.

AuthorBen Todd