We work with schools, science fairs and businesses to provide workshops and resources that explore the science behind renewable energy in a fun and tangible way and inspire people of all ages about next generation technology.

Our approach is unique because we blend science, technology, engineering and maths with art and performance, using techniques from our colleagues at Arcola Theatre where we can also host workshops.

Since 2012, we have run workshops for over 15,000 people, from 8 to 80 years old, from Abu Dhabi to Aberdeen and from racing cars to flying balloons.

I enjoyed this workshop. It taught me the meaning of global warming in detail, making it clear for me how I could help reduce carbon emissions and how to slow down global warming
— Eden, Year 9

Schools Hydrogen Challenge

We offer our Hydrogen Car Challenge to schools across an entire city or region, culminating in an exciting Final. This is typically sponsored by local private and public sector partners to offer a number of subsidised workshops to schools. Read more ->

Hydrogen Model Car Challenge

For ages 9-16, it is a hands-on "design, build, race" team exercise and an exciting combination of engineering, renewable energy and basic coding. Each workshop is curriculum linked, 2 hours in length and can be delivered to up to 30 students.

Hydrogen Arial Balloonography

For ages 8-12, it’s a structured, fast paced and fun, team-based workshop to send a hydrogen-filled balloon into the air and take aerial photographs of participants. The 2-hour workshop is curriculum linked and can be delivered for up to 30 students

Speakers and Public Engagement

We deliver careers talks in schools in and around London, presentations on our work at STEM events and offer the opportunity for young people and students to speak to the people working for us.

Tailored Projects

We develop specific projects to bring to life educational aspects of renewable energy for a wide audience, from seasoned engineers to students.

AuthorRyan Dsouza