Product development

We have years of experience in taking hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and other components and turning them into practical products. Our product development process is based on the principles of rapid prototyping and early testing of systems, working iteratively based on real usage data to optimise design, control and usability. Our team of market experts, engineers and designers will take you through a co-development process from concept to pre-production prototype, providing design specification and enabling compliance with regulatory requirements. For small businesses or larger companies new to these technologies our expertise can greatly improve your time to market or accelerate achieving your next development milestone.

System integration

As integration experts working on cars, buses, UAVs and even model trains, our team can offer a full range of system integration support to complete your hydrogen and fuel cell system development. We offer design, development and installation support for full systems, including hydrogen, air and cooling systems, electrical and mechanical integration and safety considerations. We have extensive experience in control systems, including automotive ECU integration and our own flexible lab controller, to complement mechanical and electrical systems integration.

Remote monitoring

Using off the shelf hardware, including automotive grade systems, we offer remote monitoring for integration with your stationary, portable or transport fuel cell system. Remote monitoring is essential for managing lifetime performance, maintenance and hydrogen supply for many systems. Our secure data portal allows you to track and monitor all your devices and schedule maintenance based on need.

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Rapid prototyping

For small scale projects our rapid prototyping services can deliver your proof of concept in days, not months. Alternatively, you can do you own rapid prototyping using our specifically designed Fuel Cell Developer Kit for W-scale applications or model systems. A highly cost effective way of trying out fuel cells for your application

Support and training for fuel cell stacks and systems

Our experienced engineering team can offer commissioning, stack control and systems integration support to ensure you can make the most of your fuel cell product. We also offer introductory and advanced support packages to enable developers to rapidly build fuel cell integration capability. By building on our know-how in making the most from our stacks, your engineering teams will be enabled to rapidly and effectively integrate the fuel cells into your systems. We have many years of experience in integrating fuel cell stacks, hydrogen storage and associated components from leading suppliers worldwide

AuthorBen Todd