30W developer kit

30W developer kit

Introducing the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Developer Kit Family. The perfect starting point for small scale projects, rapid prototyping for proof-of-concept, control strategy experimentation and educational projects. 

Easily design and build fuel cell systems using and integrate with the popular Arduino, mbed and Raspberry Pi development boards. 

A highly cost effective way of trying out fuel cells for your application.

1.5W Developer Kit - £300
12W Developer Kit - £500
30W Developer Kit - £750

12W developer kit

12W developer kit

Case Studies - a train and a hydrogen-powered Raspberry Pi
Engineering services - the developer kit complements our rapid prototyping and product development services

Download Fuel Cell Developer Kit User Manual 1.5W / 12-30W
Download Fuel Cell Stack User Manual 12W / 30W
Download HydroSTIK PRO User Manual

Technical Specifications

Fuel Cell Type - Single Cell PEM
Fuel Cell Rated Power - 1.5W (1.5V @ 1A)
System Output - 5V (regulated)
Monitoring via - Arduino IDE

Fuel Cell Type - 13 Cell PEM
Fuel Cell Rated Power - 12W (7.8V @ 1.5A)
System Output - 7.8-12V (unregulated)
Monitoring via - Arduino IDE, ARM mbed, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo

Fuel Cell Type - 14 Cell PEM
Fuel Cell Rated Power - 30W (8.4V @ 3.6A)
System Output - 8.4-14V (unregulated)
Monitoring via - Arduino IDE, ARM mbed, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo

Systen Specifications
Hydrogen Pressure - 0.45-0.55bar
Hydride Storage Capacity - 10 litres (per Hydrostik Pro)
Useable Energy Stored - 10Wh (per Hydrostik Pro)
Efficiency - 40% @ full power

AuthorBen Todd