Ballard fuel cells

Ballard air-cooled fuel cell stack

Ballard air-cooled fuel cell stack

Arcola Energy offers both Ballard Power Systems FCgen® and FCvelocity® fuel cell stacks as part of our engineering and integration services, where they offer high performance and good value for our clients' product development needs.

Recent work includes the integration of Ballard air-cooled stacks into our automotive system for Microcab, a stationary product development programme using liquid-cooled stacks and a bus powertrain development project with e FCvelocity system.


Arcola Energy is currently integrating a Hydrogenics HyPM-HD system for a transport application and we offer the integration of these systems to our clients for mobility applications requiring more than 5kW of average power.

Symbio FCell range extenders

Through our partnership with Symbio FCell we are able to offer their complete range extender kits developed for the Renault Kangoo H2-EV  for client integration projects. 

Proton Motor 

Arcola Energy is partnering with Proton Motor to offer their power solutions to the UK market. Based on  prime, backup and UPS systems are available based on 5kW and 25kW liquid cooled fuel cell systems. The 25kW system is also available for mobility applications with Pronton Motor recently demonstrating marine power and a truck range extender.

Horizon H-series fuel cells

Horizon H-series fuel cells

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies

Arcola Energy has extensive experience working with fuel cell stacks from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, from W-scale units for our developer kit and rapid prototyping services to kW-scale systemsfor lightweight vehicles.

AuthorBen Todd