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The status of hydrogen energy was enhanced further today with a ground breaking announcement by His Excellency, Mr Alex Noerdin, Governor of South Sumatra at the European Utility Week Expo in Barcelona, that the South Sumatran government has agreed a deal with IMS ECUBES, to provide a comprehensive range of zero-carbon energy infrastructure to underpin the Asian Games in 2018.

The games, the world’s largest sporting event outside of the Olympics, will now benefit from IMS ECUBES expertise in the delivery of these advanced zero-carbon technologies, including:

  • Solar PV energy generation
  • Hydrogen storage and power demand-side management
  • Fuel cell power generation supply-side management
  • Zero emission hydrogen fuel cell mobility

Making the announcement, His Excellency, Mr. Alex Noerdin, Governor of South Sumatra said:

“Despite being a region rich in coal, oil and gas resources, my government has a resolute belief in the need for us to take steps to secure a sustainable, green future. Accordingly, we’ve been searching for many years for different economically feasible solutions to deliver green and affordable power.

“That detailed, painstaking analysis has led us to seek a hydrogen-based solution and to rely on the expertise and capabilities of IMS ECUBES. We are confident that in addition to the grid power and zero emission mobility solutions that IMS ECUBES will deliver for those involved in the Asian Games, there will be ongoing benefits for the residents of South Sumatra as a key legacy of this decision.

Speaking at the announcement, Aleksander Gerbec, IMS ECUBES President said:

“This project involves the deployment of clean energy technologies which are ready and available today, but which require leaders to make strong decisions to deploy at scale. Such leaders will enable the benefits of clean, affordable power and mobility for everybody.”

Speaking at the announcement, Dr Ben Todd IMS ECUBES CTO said:

“This is a significant milestone in the adoption of hydrogen technologies for large-scale power generation and supply, and evidences South Sumatra’s ambition and vision – not just for the Asian Games, but for a longer-term, sustainable future.

“We are confident that this partnership with South Sumatra will lead to hydrogen-based solutions being established within the energy mix globally. It will also demonstrate, given the challenging, sub-2-year timescale for delivery, that hydrogen-based solutions can be deployed at least as quickly as other alternatives.”



Notes to editors

  • Video content available Video content, featuring Dr Todd detailing the scope of the collaboration between South Sumatran government and IMS ECUBES is available on request.
  • IMS ECUBES is exhibiting at the Utility Week conference, in Barcelona, from 15 - 17 November on stand No 3D48.


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