We have a strong track record of building successful long-term relationships with our clients and partners. Our mix of services from product design through to public engagement means that we can readily fill a gap in our clients' needs. ITM Power, Symbio FCell, BOC and Microcab are examples of our long-term approach.

Arcola Energy has been working with the energy storage and clean fuel company ITM Power for several years, including providing education and engagement programmes and managing the rollout of vehicles as part of the Island Hydrogen project. Our agreement with ITM Power and Symbio FCell means that together we can offer an integrated package of zero emission commercial vehicles, on-site fuel and after-sales support for UK commercial fleet operators.

Symbio FCell, a leading designer and manufacturer of Fuel Cell Systems and Range Extenders, has deployed the largest number of fuel cell Range Extender Electric Vehicles (REEV) in Europe with customers such as La Poste, Air Liquide and Schneider Electric. Arcola Energy is the UK representative for Symbio FCell, providing sales, deployment and technical support as part of our hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle services.

BOC, part of the Linde group, have developed the HYMERA™ II portable fuel cell generator for clean and quiet off-grid power. Arcola Energy has worked in partnership with BOC to enable the integration of HYMERA™ systems into a number of end use and to provide remote monitoring services to support the deployment of HYMERA systems. BOC have also contracted us for product development, design and rapid prototyping of future fuel cell products.

Coventry-based SME Microcab has developed the H2EV, a prototype lightweight city car as a model for future mobility. Arcola Energy has worked in partnership with Microcab for several years, supporting the team with their development programme. For the current vehicles we have integrated Ballard air-cooled fuel cells using our complete automotive system, including hydrogen cylinder and delivery system, fuel cell, power and control electronics, ECU, and remote monitoring unit. 

AuthorBen Todd