Our engineering excellence, deep understanding of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, and customer engagement makes Arcola Energy an ideal partner in the spin-out of technologies from research labs into business startups. Our integration expertise means that new companies can focus on the development of their core technology while we take care of the applications and system engineering.

We are able to hit the ground running to help new companies develop first prototypes and products quickly and at much lower cost than building in-house teams and facilities themselves. The reduces the time and cost to key investment milestones and the involvement of an expert third-party increases the value of early results.

We are working with the University of Oxford and ISIS Innovation, supporting the spin out of novel hydrogen generation technology into new startup Hydroxsil.

We have provided engineering services to a spin out from the University of Cambridge, H2Go Power, building an initial prototype system using their technology

We have provided fuel cell systems and lab controllers to STFC to support the testing of new sources of hydrogen with fuel cell systems.

Arcola Energy has been working with a later stage technology spin out Cella Energy, supporting the development of their novel hydrogen generator. We have also been providing integration services as part of a project to enable Cella to address the emerging UAV market.

AuthorBen Todd