Remote Monitoring


Our remote monitoring service includes hardware, connection and access to our secure website to view, analyse and download the data captured from your systems.

Portable power

Remote monitoring is an important part of managing portable power units in the field. Our hardware connects directly to the BOC Hymera fuel cell system and the BOC Hydrogen Genie cylinder, providing system usage, health and performance data and fuel levels so that deliveries of new cylinders can be scheduled to meet requirements. Our team can readily adapt these off-the-shelf units to work with other fuel cells or hybrid systems.

Energy usage monitoring  and report

Without interfering with the electrical system, our remote monitoring system can be used to capture real power usage data from your sites or devices. This will give you critical information on your current energy management performance and highlight opportunities to improve efficiency and save cost. We can offer full reporting across all sites and systems, and together with information on current fuel usage enable you to report on current energy performance and carbon emissions.

Accurate power usage measurement - peak and average - is a key step in identifying opportunities and designing systems that combine renewable power with energy storage and fuel cells for efficiency savings, cost reduction and improved reliability and resilience. 

Automotive systems

Our automotive grade systems can be integrated with your systems of combined with our fuel cell power units. They allow every vehicle to provide rich data on performance, usage and efficiency and facilitate continuous development and management of lifetime performance. Our secure data portal allows you to track and monitor all your vehicles in real time and schedule maintenance based on need.