Fuel cell and hydrogen technologies are an area of active interest to research groups working in low carbon mobility, energy systems, energy storage including battery, supercapacitor and hybrid technologies as well as fuel cell and hydrogen research itself. We offer a range of equipment and services to complement your research and to facilitate teaching and training of students and research staff alike.

Fuel cells for R&D


As a reseller of fuel cells from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies we can offer a full range of fuel cells for Universities and Research Centres, together with support from our fuel cell expert team. Horizon stacks are ideal for teaching and training, research into a wide range of fuel cell applications, including testing novel control strategies and the impact hydrogen supply or new hydrogen generation methods.

Development kW stack 

Our next generation 1-5kW air cooled, closed cathode stack, developed and manufactured in London, is an exciting research platform. We offer stacks with detailed specification and designs for research purposes, including both short and long stacks for integration, testing and research. We can also custom manufacture stacks with your components, such as MEAs, flow field plate designs or system components for you to test your research in a cutting-edge stack design.




Lab stack controller

Our flexible stack controller for fuel cells in the range 100W-1kW has many of the features of full test stations at a fraction of the cost. Applications include: control strategy optimisation, degradation and lifetime analysis, versatile demonstration systems, and rapid prototyping of fuel cell systems.

Fuel Cell Developer Kit (FCDK)

The FCDK is perfect for research and rapid prototyping of fuel cell concepts with stacks up to 30W. Ideal for University courses, Doctoral training and research projects. The control code is hosted on GitHub for researchers to improve and adapt to their application, and our unique control board is  continually being developed in partnership with leading users.

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Hydrogen supply validation

The development of new and low cost methods of producing hydrogen is and exciting and active area of research that complements the development of fuel cell applications. We offer testing services to validate novel hydrogen generation methods or supply approaches for use with fuel cells. Our complete testing service will check for any impurity or supply issues on fuel cell performance and lifetime and benchmark against industry standard hydrogen sources. Alternatively, hardware plus support options are also available for you to create your own testing setup with our lab stack controller central to flexible experiment design.


R&D partnerships

Our London-based team has an open and collaborative approach and extensive experience in working with leading University researchers. We offer flexible partnership models, from full commercial arrangements to collaborative funded projects.