Hydrogen Car Challenge (recommended ages 9-16 yrs)

Photo Credit: Marcos Arlonitis

This workshop uses hydrogen to fuel a model car, which participants will design and build. The car each team builds will be tested in a race of efficiency – the car that travels the furthest distance will win! Participants are encouraged to build their model as quickly as possible, then test their models in a process of iterative design.

Learning Objectives

  • Hydrogen can be used as a fuel and to store energy
  • Understanding the process of storing energy
  • Practising iterative design – working quickly, failing fast
  • Team work and co-operation
  • Sources of energy for the future
  • Understanding what is meant by efficiency
  • Understanding why we make changes to designs

Each workshop is 2 hours in length and can be delivered to up to 30 students.



Hydrogen Aerial Balloonography (recommended ages 8-12 yrs)

Photo Credit: Laura Rolinson

Photo Credit: Laura Rolinson


This workshop is designed to inspire the next generation of renewable energy engineers to use practical maths and science skills. The 2 hour workshop is structured into fun and fast paced sections, from computer programming to calculating volume. Each section works towards sending a hydrogen-filled balloon into the air to take aerial photographs of participants.

“Excellent workshop, loved the links to new Computing curriculum. Algorithms and programming aplenty!” Teacher, St Saviours Primary, 2014

Learning Objectives

  • Main components of a computer
  • Sequences and Loops as fundamental concepts in programming
  • Writing a simple program
  • Computers can control cameras, be small and light
  • Hydrogen is a way to get lift for a balloon
  • Hydrogen is also a way to store energy
  • Calculate how many balloons are required to lift the computer

Each workshop is 2 hours in length and can be delivered to up to 30 students.




Speakers and Public Engagement

Arcola Energy can also offer the opportunity for young people and students to speak to the people working for us.

We have delivered careers talks in schools in and around London, as well as presentations on our work at STEM events such as Cambridge Physics at Work.


Tailored Projects

If you would like to develop a specific project for your students, please contact us directly.


Where can we deliver our workshops?

We can deliver our workshops in a variety of settings:

  • At your school
  • At Arcola Theatre – book a workshop to be held in one of our studio spaces.
  • At your Science Event – On the first anniversary of the London 2012 Games; Arcola Energy delivered workshops to over 120 children in two days at the north of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as part of the Open East Festival
  • At your Science Festival – Since 2011, Arcola Energy have travelled to United Arab Emirates each November to deliver science and technology workshops as part of the Abu Dhabi Science Festival. Over the course of the 10 day festival, Arcola deliver 75 workshops to over 1,500 children.