Arcola Energy is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

About Us

Arcola Energy is a systems engineering company specialising in fuel cells and hydrogen and other clean energy technologies.

The company was founded to address the gap between clean energy systems developed by technology companies and end-user needs. We draw on our knowledge to select the best of current technologies, integrating them into efficient energy systems and quickly deploying them in practical scenarios.

Our sector experience and engineering capability means we can help our clients develop the right solutions to their challenges and avoid costly mistakes. We have a collaborative approach and aim to work in partnership with clients on projects, sharing in success.

We share a building with Arcola Theatre in the creative technology hub of Hackney, North London. Having substantially succeeded becoming the World’s First Carbon Neutral Theatre, we are able to use the Theatre building as a demonstration site for new energy technologies.

Drawing on this blend of creative, communications and science expertise we have a unique and transformative approach to public engagement and education, so that user awareness and understanding goes hand in hand with technology development.

In order to accelerate uptake hydrogen, fuel cells and wider clean energy, zero emission mobility, have have formed a Joint Venture company specifically focused on whole system infrastructure projects, particularly in Asia.