Arcola Energy is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

£6.4M funding for 30 bus deployment

Arcola Energy is pleased to note the announcement from OLEV yesterday of the winners of a £14 million competition to fund hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure projects.

The announcement states that “the innovative technology these vehicles use has long range (300+ miles) and fast refuelling (3-5 minutes) capability, and will support the Industrial Strategy Future of Mobility Grand Challenge to place the UK at the forefront of the design and manufacturing of zero emission vehicles.”

OLEV has awarded a consortium including Arcola Energy £6.4 of funding to deliver a hydrogen refueller in St Helens and 30 hydrogen fuel cell electric buses in Liverpool and Scotland.

Managing Director Dr Ben Todd said “Arcola Energy is delighted to be part of the Government’s plans to develop leading zero emission vehicle design and manufacturing capability in the UK. We expect this award will lead to significant opportunities for our hydrogen and fuel cell electric powertrain systems in the UK and globally.