Arcola Energy is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.


electricity transmission

Fuel cells offer a cleaner form of power generation than conventional technologies and systems are available at kW and MW scale for buildings and infrastructure.

PEM fuel cell technologies running on hydrogen offer zero emission local generation and zero-carbon if the hydrogen is renewably sourced. PEM technology is well suited to power requirements from kW to MW particularly where flexible and responsive generation is required. Arcola Energy, working with Proton Motor, has deployed a 75kW system to power Kirkwall Harbour in Orkney and we have plans for modular MW systems for grid support and hydrogen energy storage applications.

Arcola Energy is also developing a combined heat and power (CHP) fuel cell system using PEM fuel cells for a client. This system contains an internal reformer so it can run on methane gas and so can be connected to the local gas grid. The prototype system runs at 5kWe and 6kWth and is suitable for small offices or multiple occupancy residential buildings. The next stage of development will be around 25kWe output for larger commercial buildings. The benefits compared to conventional CHP are higher electrical efficiency, much quieter operation and very low local emissions, particularly NOx.

Other fuel cell technologies including solid oxide, molten carbonate and phosphoric acid are available from global suppliers for building and infrastructure projects at 100kW to 100MW scales. These technologies can also run on natural gas and provide CHP and low emissions and noise operation. Arcola Energy can advise clients on choice of technology, support with system design and specification and provide independent integration, installation and support services across the UK, Europe and beyond.