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No hype, no beanbags, no table-football. Just great people working on real challenges in a fast-growing business where you can make a real impact. 

Arcola Energy is one of the fastest growing hydrogen fuel cell technology companies in the UK. Working with some of the most progressive local authorities, fleet operators and OEMs to meet their zero-emission targets; our mission is to address the deployment gap between rapidly evolving low-carbon technologies and production-ready solutions.

We deliver solutions that significantly improve environmental performance compared to incumbent technologies – contributing to the development of cleaner, greener, more secure, more democratic energy and transport systems – enabling healthier living for everyone.  

Arcola Energy is a privately-owned company offering a truly independent view of one of the fastest-growing industries that will lead the road to zero emissions. Our independence also allows us to focus on what we believe in – products which make a positive contribution to society, delivered with total commitment to quality, safety and compliance.

Our team members benefit from competitive salaries and a healthy, positive culture.

Only at Arcola could I work on micro power stations, fuel cells, scheduling software, system design tools, discount cards, security management, buses, trucks, and an off-highway vehicle in just five years!

Arcola cares about climate change, wants to make a difference, and puts real progress ahead of claiming credit.

Senior Control Systems Engineer

Arcola is a great engineering company that focuses on the engineering side and solving engineering problems.

I enjoy engaging with the team and my work actually has a big impact on the outcome of different projects. It's good to have my hard work appreciated.

Senior Powertrain Engineer

Joining the team during these difficult times and working remotely came with a level of trepidation of how effectively I could contribute. The trepidation was soon dispelled as I quickly integrated into the team and felt that my input was really valued and my experience really appreciated.

I’m really excited to be able to play a part and have an impact in the business as it sees this expansion.

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Open Positions

Having grown over the last 10 years to be the acknowledged as the UK leader in fuel cell system integration, we are now moving into series production of heavy vehicles and their powertrains.

Our team has doubled in the past 18 months - and we expect to double again in the next 18 months. We have a wide of range of open positions available and encourage you to look out for upcoming roles that are going live soon. We are planning to open a new facility in Scotland in early 2021 and will  soon be growing a significant team to support our Scottish projects.

Due to COVID-19, most roles are currently home-based (resident in the UK). 

Arcola Energy recruits directly and does not use recruitment consultants. If you are interested in joining Arcola please email: for a job description or to be notified when new vacancies become available.



Business Administration


As Arcola Energy continues to grow, we will be creating even more positions across the business in the coming months. To register your interest in our progress and to be first to know about the latest vacancies, send an updated copy of your CV to:


The Arcola Team

Our team has a depth in experience in technology, engineering and business resulting in  a rich mix of technical, market development and project management skills.

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