Arcola Energy is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.



Arcola Energy offers a full range of support for fleets of hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles. Working with our partners, manufacturers and service centres we arrange full warranty servicing, technical support and maintenance for hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles and assurance to fleet managers of high reliability and availability.

Arcola provides provides sales, deployment support and specialist maintenance for the Kangoo ZE H2 van as well as helping train maintenance and engineering support for these vans.


Arcola Energy works closely with hydrogen supply partners to ensure that fleets have access to suitable hydrogen refuelling.

We have a strong relationship with clean fuel provider ITM Power who have a growing number of refuellers acros the country, including several making hydrogen directly from renewable energy.


To help fleet customers realise the benefits and to ensure that drivers are confident working with these cutting-edge technologies, Arcola Energy also provides engaging, hands-on training and education services,  as well as supporting wider public communications for local authorities and companies wishing to highlight the benefits of hydrogen powered fleets.

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