Arcola Energy is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.


hybrid poewrtrain fuel cell battery

In zero emission cars, buses, vans and even trains or UAVs, fuel cells complement other technologies such as batteries to increase range and improve performance and lifetime. Arcola Energy can model, design, build and monitor fuel cell hybrid power trains so you can get the best of all possible worlds for your vehicle.

A hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is an electric vehicle, with many of the same components and architectures as a battery electric vehicle. Fuel cells work best in partnership with other technologies such as batteries or supercapacitors in hybrid systems to provide the power and performance needed by the electric drive.

There is a wide range of options for the fuel cell size, power, type and characteristics and these need to be matched with the other components to optimise range, weight, performance and packaging in a vehicle. This requires looking at the powertrain as a whole, but also understanding the underlying technologies.

Arcola Energy has years of experience of system integration of fuel cells with other technologies into complex powertrains and vehicles. This is backed up by  deep knowledge of electrochemical devices, including developing our own fuel cell research platform, and access through our partnerships to some of the world’s leading academics in this area.

We can model and design hybrid systems based on your needs for vehicle performance and duty cycle, and we can deliver complete integrated and compliant prototypes and short series production.