Arcola Energy is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.


hydrogen fuel cell

Our experience in hydrogen safety management is a key part of our offer to clients. We have developed safety cases for products, system installations and, of course, taken our own vehicle developments though homologation. Our deep knowledge of the relevant regulations, codes and standards and how to implement the requirements and our experience of the principles of hydrogen engineering can accelerate your route to compliance and ensure you can quickly comply with health and safety good practice. We have particular expertise in implementing hydrogen hybrid powertrains where careful management of both hydrogen and high voltage systems is essential.

We can provide a range of consultancy and engineering services to support your programmes

  • Hydrogen safety case development for products, installations or manufacturing sites
  • Safety Management Plans for vehicle or technology development programmes
  • Review regulations, codes and standards requirements for your project or product development
  • Provide recommendations on product design to reduce compliance costs