Arcola Energy is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

HYMERA – Olympic Park

Contributing in our own small way to the London 2012 Olympics, Arcola Energy used the BOC Hymera fuel cell to power path-lighting during construction at the Olympic park.

The BOC Hymera is ideal for environmental monitoring applications where equipment need to run unattended for long periods, often where there is no grid power. Remote site or temporary locations such as construction sites are typical examples.

Severn Trent Water installed 18Hymeras along the length of the Elan Valley pipeline between Powys, Wales and the Midlands. The monitoring equipment runs for up to 2 months between replacements of cylinders, which in these remote locations reduces operating costs considerably compared with the frequent visits required by alternative solutions.

The Hymera fuel cell works well combined with a battery. This is even better for low loads as the fuel cell only needs to run  to recharge the battery which in turn supplies power to the connected device.

Add a solar panel as we have here and a hydrogen cylinder can last many months between visits. In this case the fuel cell is just providing the critical backup when there isn’t enough sunlight to charge the battery.