Arcola Energy is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.


hydrogen education programme

Established in 2007, the Arcola Energy Education programme works with tens of thousands of young people every year from Aberdeen to Abu Dhabi, Ireland to Indonesia, enabling them to build and race their own mini-hydrogen fuelled vehicles. 

  • Arcola Energy education programmes demonstrate the science behind renewable energy in a fun and tangible way, exploring the workings of a low-carbon economy on a miniature scale.

  • Our passion is to inspire young people in the potential for careers in science and technology, to inform future customers and decision-makers about solutions for the energy transition, and to raise awareness of programmes underway now to enable the energy transition. 

  • Our activities have been extensively tried-and-tested with exceptional feedback from participants and professionals

  • Our flagship Hydrogen Challenge delivers outstanding education to groups of schools across cities, regions and countries and ends with a high-profile event bringing together students and city leaders to showcase the technology. 

  • The Hydrogen Hack is intensive experiential learning in invention, innovation, collaboration, engineering, hacking and presenting, delivered on a national scale. 

  • Our Festivals & Events programmes provide intensive hands-on experience for 1000’s of people per day or to novel team-building activities for senior management.

For further information about Arcola Energy Education contact us on 0207 503 1386 or email