Arcola Energy is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.


Arcola Energy is looking to the future by inspiring young people to explore renewable energy technologies and careers in engineering. Our education programmes demonstrate the science behind renewable energy in a fun and tangible way, exploring the workings of a low carbon economy on a miniature scale.

Arcola Energy has been involved in hydrogen fuel cell education for over 10 years, delivering hands-on learning to more than 70,000 young people from Aberdeen to Abu Dhabi to Jakarta.

Our workshops and resources are developed and delivered by STEM  professionals, offering a real life insight into STEM careers. Arcola Energy offer a unique brand of science communication. Through our work with Creative Engagement at Arcola Theatre, our facilitators train with experts in working with young people in a variety of settings.

The result is high quality STEM workshops that are exciting combinations of engineering, renewable energy and basic coding. For ages 9-16 the Hydrogen Car Challenge is a hands-on “design, build, race” team exercise. For ages 8-12 the hydrogen robot workshop is designed to introduce practical programming and engineering skills.

Our Schools Hydrogen Challenges offer our Hydrogen Car Challenge Workshop to schools across an entire city or region; ending with a high profile final that can be focus for inviting local politicians or industry partners – a great way to engage not only young people and teachers, but also government and industry decision-makers.

Our latest development, the Hydrogen Hack, the (world) first of which was delivered in London in Summer 2017 bringing together 100 aspiring young designers, programmers and engineers for a week long hack at 10 centres across the UK.

Hydrogen Challenges, Hydrogen Hacks and associated activities can be tailored to suit many situations, from classrooms to Science Festivals to corporate Board Rooms – we have delivered activities to all manner of people in all manner of settings.

For further information about Arcola Energy Education visit our Global Hydrogen Fuel Cell Education Programme website contact us on 0207 503 1386 or email