Arcola Energy is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.


ITM Power manufactures integrated hydrogen energy solutions to enhance the utilisation of renewable energy that would otherwise be wasted. This includes hydrogen refuelling stations and Power-to-Gas energy storage.

Arcola Energy has worked together with ITM Power for several years. We have been in a number of collaborative projects together to jointly develop vehicle deployment and refuelling infrastructure. We have a joint MoU with Symbio FCell to deploy range extended vans and infrastructure in the UK. Arcola Energy is also involved in the Surf and Turf and BIG HIT Projects on Orkney where ITM is leading on developing renewable hydrogen supplies for stationary and transport uses. ITM Power have also been supporters of the Arcola Energy Schools work for several years.

We are now working together to ensure that vehicles are deployed around ITM Power refuelling site, both those already in place and planned new stations.