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Kangoo ZE H2 by Symbio FCell

Kangoo ZE H2 by Symbio FCell

Commercial vehicles have heavy duty cycles, running all day and covering many miles with full loads. Fuel cell and hydrogen range extenders provide zero emissions operations in vehicles that can do the day job. At Arcola Energy we believe that commercial vehicles are a more important opportunity than passenger cars, particularly with cities imposing stronger and stronger air quality restrictions on business.


The Kangoo ZE-H2 is an all electric van with a fuel cell range extender from Symbio FCell. It is a zero emission vehicle with a range of up to 250 miles. With a hydrogen refuelling time of less than three minutes, but the ability to plug-in whenever possible, the vehicle offers a drop-in replacement for high duty-cycle operations with low running costs. As a zero emission vehicle it is exempt from London’s congestion charge and suitable for all UK city clean air zones.

Arcola Energy is  the sales and deployment agent for Symbio FCell in the UK, offering a full package of technical and practical support to customers. Contact us to discuss the fit in your fleet.


Recognising the need for larger payload and volume commercial vehicles, Arcola Energy is developing a full zero emissions power train for a 3.5t Transit van. Our target is a range of 200 miles with 1000kg of payload, compared to equivalent pure battery electric vehicles with a range of 100 miles and compromised payload.

This is an R&D project part funded by OLEV and InnovateUK, and our partners are leading hydrogen vehicle operator Commercial Group and hydrogen tank developer Haydale Composites.

As the project progresses we will be seeking follow on partners to work with us to integrate our power train into vehicles or to deploy trial vehicles in operations. Please contact us to follow up.


While these vehicles offer practical operation capability, the introduction of new technologies always requires additional support in the early days. At Arcola our offer is to be your partner to make the introduction of these vehicles a success in your fleet and our National Accounts Manager Steve Tindall has 25 years of experience in fleet procurement and services. We can help you design how they fit in your fleet and how recharging and refuelling will work and train you drivers so they are comfortable that they can do the day job.

We also provide service and maintenance and arrange training of local workshops and garages so you can be confident of vehicle availability.