Arcola Energy is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.


solar panel installation

As well as being a technical integrator, our position in the industry means that we also integrate technologies and businesses into projects and programmes, acting as the focal point to deliver whole-system solutions and create new markets for fuel cell and hydrogen products.

In the UK we have a joint MoU with vehicle supplier Symbio FCell and refuelling provider ITM Power to work together to develop projects and schemes to deploy vehicles and refuelling.

Looking internationally, Arcola Energy has created a new joint venture ECUBES ARCOLA, to develop and deploy both low carbon infrastructure and transport  solutions. The aim of the JV is to develop new markets for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies alongside other technologies in fully integrated systems and business models. Arcola is the technology partner, leading on the development and procurement of electricity generation and hydrogen production equipment as well as zero emission vehicles for major international projects in South East Asia and Europe.

We are also in a position to pull together investable business plans for projects and schemes. Investors seeking for projects to fund in new market areas around renewable technologies are welcome to contact us to explore emerging opportunities.