Arcola Energy is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.


off grid hydrogen fuel cell solar power

A fuel cell and hydrogen solution has many benefits for providing power in off-grid or remote situations. The BOC Hymera unit has been deployed in hundreds of sites across the UK for environmental monitoring systems, security cameras or power for critical equipment. It is ideal for low power, long duration loads like these and works particularly well paired with solar PV and battery systems.

We can advise, design and deploy systems that make the most of solar PV, batteries and fuel cells to provide clean and resilient power systems at a cost that can be lower than running an inefficient generator, and certainly much more reliable, and with much longer periods between visits than conventional generation or battery-only systems.

We also provide comprehensive monitoring of power output, battery state and hydrogen use to minimise site visits and ensure reliability. If you like we can wrap all of this up in a complete energy-as-a-service model to make the switch as easy as possible.