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Hydrogen island Orkney

The islands of Orkney have an abundance of renewable energy, both from the wave and tidal power testing sites and from onshore wind power. But often this is wasted when the electricity grid reaches capacity. Orkney is pioneering the use of hydrogen to address this through the Surf ‘n’ Turf and BIG HIT projects. Surplus renewable energy, which would otherwise be lost, is used to generate hydrogen by electrolysis. The Hydrogen produced acts as an energy storage medium which can be used at a later date to produce heat, power or fuel for use as low carbon transport.

Arcola Energy is supporting both the projects and working with Orkney Islands Council and other partners to increase the use of the generated hydrogen. Arcola Energy has supplied a 75kW fuel cell that will power the harbour in Kirkwall. We are also supporting the deployment of Symbio FCell Kangoo ZE vans.

Orkney is an exciting case study in how complex hydrogen-based systems can develop and support energy independence for communities.