Clean Energy




Clean Energy Systems

Hydrogen is increasingly seen as a vital part of the energy system in a net zero world. Hydrogen production by electrolysis enables much greater penetration of renewables on the grid by soaking up any excess power when needed. This renewable hydrogen can be stored for long periods and piped or transported for other uses in industry, the energy system and as a transport fuel.

Ballard fuel cell

Fuel cells deliver clean, efficient and quiet power and heat for grid-scale power, building, industrial sites or remote equipment - both for grid-connected and off-grid scenarios. They work well in combination with other clean technologies and alongside energy efficiency measures.


The Arcola Energy team has decades of combined experience in hydrogen and fuel cells and has observed the development of both technologies and associated markets for many years. We have developed and deployed systems for remote, portable power, stationary backup and grid support power and hydrogen refuelling. Our in-depth knowledge and realistic approach means we are well placed to advise on what works, and also what doesn't, from a technical and commercial point of view.

Where there is a business case, Arcola Energy has extensive capabilities in system design and engineering of hydrogen and fuel cell systems of all types and their integration with other technologies to deliver clean, reliable and resilient power systems.


Vehicle Integration & Homologation

Converting vehicles to hydrogen technologies is particularly attractive for fleets with defined routes and a ‘return-to-base’ strategy to optimise the deployment of refuelling infrastructure. 

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H2 5cm

Zero-Emission Powertrain Development

At the design stage, Arcola has leading capability and real-world experience in the technology, performance, integration, safety and compliance factors in developing zero-emission vehicles.

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Powertrain Modelling and Vehicle Design

Arcola's powertrain modelling allows us to We define and interrogate fuel cell and battery sizing, heat recovery and power management strategies against real vehicle duty cycles with the modelling already validated against on-road performance. 

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