Zero-Emission Refuse Collection Solution

Working a full day’s shift, often in densely populated areas with strict emissions criteria, refuse collection vehicles must be powerful, clean and quiet. Arcola Energy’s RCV solution works hard all day on a 10-minute hydrogen fill and has no harmful tailpipe emissions.

With a driving range up to 160km on a single refill - and proven Dennis Eagle chassis - Arcola’s HFC RCV meets all requirements for domestic refuse and industrial waste collection. The vehicle carries sufficient energy to maintain full lift, tilt and compression throughout the shift, and enough power to return to the depot without compromising on speed or performance.

Hydrogen-powered RCVs offer several advantages over their battery electric counterparts

  • Operational range up to 160km, with a shift duration between fills of 11 hours
  • A maximum speed of 90km/h which does not decrease as battery runs low
  • Fuelling time of 10 minutes with one HRS capable of supporting a full fleet
  • Waste heat from the cooling system is used for cab heating, therefore, unlike electric vehicles, the operational range is not adversely affected
  • The RCV has a payload of 10 tonnes, this could be increased to 11 tonnes by applying zero-emission vehicle derogation
    Arcola hydrogen-powered RCV

Arcola's production-ready solution for zero-emission RCV fleets is based on the proven and scalable A-Drive powertrain platform, which enables Arcola to significantly lower development cost and reduce deployment time to less than 12 months.

A-Drive Platform Diagram

With more than 10-years of experience in turning rapidly evolving low-carbon technologies into practical solutions, we have developed unique expertise and proprietary modelling tools that helps us scale solutions to real-world scenarios and duty-cycles.

We work with a range of local authorities, fleet operators and OEMs to meet their zero-emission targets and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your fleet requirements – and how Arcola potentially can help.


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